What Does Integrity Mean?

We have all been there. A situation comes up when your integrity is challenged and it’s up to you to prove to the universe you are an honest person… Even when no one is looking. It is important to remember that we reap what we so in life and there is really no getting around this law of vibration. However, beyond that, our health and the health of every area of our lives depend on our integrity. 

Definition Of Integrity

The definition of “Integrity in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is:

The quality of being HONEST and fair; the state of being COMPLETE or WHOLE.

The word Integrity evolved from the word Integer which means “wholeness.” LOVE is what makes us whole and it is the most REAL thing there is. When we focus on living love, integrity comes naturally. In spiritual truth, our higher selves are pure love and light. If integrity is lacking, we actually cause a division within ourselves which leads to making decisions from fear and judgement. We then begin to feel “separated” or “alone.” This begins to spread like a disease in our lives.

It may feel as though we are “killing ourselves” when we do the right thing sometimes, but the freedom that comes from being clean in our lives far outweighs the price.  In reality, if we make choices from FEAR – this actually begins to kill who we are. Living in truth and honesty heals our lives and blossoms our dreams.  In order to do so, we must first be honest with ourselves, be willing to see, hear, know the truth, and be transparent with the world around us – especially those we love. We then expel disease in all areas of our life.  This way of living creates healthy boundaries and balance. When we come to this place, we are honest with our true feelings as we unconditionally love ourselves and our dreams. Most of all, we are finally willing to grow.

In all honestly, why does someone lack integrity?

People may lie because they are afraid of not being liked or loved, or most of all, they may not even love themselves. (Fear of what other people think about them is a major factor for a lot of people. This can be overcome with practicing self-love and acceptance.) People lie to themselves to avoid having to feel the deep pain they would rather not feel.  People may cheat because they don’t feel good enough and are afraid of failure. People may gossip because they are too afraid to face their own fears and pain. People may not honor their word because they feel unimportant; they have forgotten their value and purpose in the world.  People may not have a good work ethic because they are not doing a job they love. People may not do a job they love because they are afraid of failure, success, and all of the above! People lack integrity when no one is around because of self-hate. So this is why LOVE and compassion, for ourselves and others, is the only answer here. It is your choice to LOVE and LISTEN to yourself and the divine wisdom within you.

If you are unhappy with where you are, it may be time, to be honest with your feelings, without judgement… If you can change something you don’t like about your life, do it! If you can’t change it at this time, change your perspective about it. Choose to grow and to believe that the blueprint of your dreams is already implanted within you. Do the right thing. Love yourself and follow your heart. This is a daily practice that grows over time until you overflow LOVE into everyone and everything you do. This is Integrity.

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