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There is no time like the present to start creating a website for your business, especially if your company is in an industry with high competition. In order to secure top organic SEO listings online, you will need to build a responsive website tailored to your customer’s user experience.

After you complete your competitive analysis and keyword research you will want to follow these steps to ensure you set up your website and marketing plan correctly from the start.

  1. Buy Domain Name – You will have options to pay monthly or for as many years in advance as you want with a discounted price. I always suggest private domain registration for all of my clients to protect them from spam, scams, and prying eyes. You may also see other companies buying domains with the exact SEO keyword phrase they want to rank for. This is always a good thing to do, but first, you need to think about the keyword density and site structure. It is extremely easy to over-optimize a website for the keywords you want to rank for. Use your company name and add a general 1-2 phrase keyword if possible. I use SEO Software to help me see what people are actually searching for and make sure to add those keywords to my site.
  2.  Purchase affordable website hosting plan – you will want to make sure you get a plan that has enough storage to ensure your website runs fast and efficient throughout all times of the day. If speed is essential for your business to run and operate you may want to purchase a dedicated server so you can ensure that your customers enjoy their experience on your website at all times of the day.
  3. Purchase Website Theme – Now is the fun part! Since we have already completed our competitive analysis we should already have a good idea of what our new website needs in order to compete in the present competition. You will want to check reviews of the theme and how many purchases they have. Always buy website themes from Elite Authors with good reviews and that offer ongoing support.
  4. Create Company Logo Design – You will want to find a competent graphic designer to work with in order to get your company message to show through in your new logo design. You will also want to create icon and header images each of your social media sites you are planning on using for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great places to start.
  5. Find A Website Designer – You will want to hire a website designer to help you with the technical stuff, like creating style sheets, resizing images, and creating a child theme especially if you are planning on using word press so you will not lose any customizations you have made to your site. You will want to make sure they are building your website with the proper on-page SEO from the very beginning.
  6. Find A Website Content Writer – I always recommend my clients write as much of their own content as possible since they have insights into their business one can only get from working the job. But we understand that running a business is more than a full-time job at times so finding the time to write your own content may not be a viable option for you. Fortunately, we have a team of content writers that have writing experience in multiple business industries.
  7. Set Up Social Media Accounts – The type of industry you work in will dictate what social media platforms you will want to use and spend most of your marketing efforts with. If you have questions about what social media accounts you should use we are more than happy to help you decide.
  8. Submit To Online Local Listings – We love MOZ Local for a low price of 84$ per year you can submit, update, and manage your website business listing on multiple local website directories. Make sure you are done with your website and ready to start marketing the site before you submit the listing.
  9. Search Engine Optimization Services – After the website is up and running the way you like it. It is now time to start thinking about off-page SEO services such as blogging, social media marketing, link building, and a content marketing strategy to go with your brand new website.
  10. Online Reputation Management Services – Your online reputation is valuable like gold to new potential customers. Ask your previous customers to leave honest reviews on your company and the services you have provided for them. You will notice that the more positive reviews you acquire directly affect your organic search engine optimization. If there is a customer that did not enjoy their experience you should immediately respond to the negative review offering them a solution to their complaint. Be respectful and address the issues the customer is complaining about and do your best to get them to remove that comment.

If you follow these 10 steps you will see great results when designing a new website. I am confident in our Deerstone Development team to go above and beyond your expectation and help assist you with each step listed above.

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