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Our in house SEO team does not outsource any search engine optimization services. Your SEO campaign will be handled by a Deerstone Development SEO expert.

Caleb Schallert


Caleb founded Deerstone Development in August of 2007 in his home town, Santa Rosa, California. Due to the California wildfires, and both his parents losing their homes, he relocated to Houston, Texas, where he currently lives with his wife, Tatiana, and four children. He is an adventure-seeking spiritual entrepreneur and a highly creative, detail-oriented website designer and SEO specialist that offers unique ideas for businesses online.

Tatiana Schallert


Tatiana is Co-Owner of Deerstone Development. Her husband, Caleb, founded the company in 2007 shortly before they got married in 2009. She is a Wellness, Mindset, and Spirituality Writer as well as professional Violinist and Songwriter. Her specialities include editing, blogging, content development strategy, graphic design, logos, branding, and social media optimization and creation. Most of all she is a supportive wife and mother of four beautiful children!

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