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1) No excuses, take responsibility, & make something positive happen!
2) Everything is my fault! Every mistake made is an opportunity to learn!
3) We are here to serve, with the highest amount of Integrity!
4) Always tell the truth, because it will truly set us free!
5) Learn something new every day, and apply it!


Welcome to Deerstone Development! A truly unique place to register domain names and buy a hosting plan. Our team specializes in building fast-loading websites that rank high in google. Because our SEO services deliver real results. Ultimately we create compelling marketing messages for advertising campaigns, webpages, news releases/distributions, and blogs.

Our Moto is “Gratitude + Faith + Action = Success“. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and keep showing up!

Deerstone Development was founded by entrepreneur @thegratefulgivers “Caleb Schallert” in August of 2007, in Santa Rosa, California. Just recently @thelovefaery Tatiana Schallert has become co-owner of the company in August of 2018. 

Our team is highly efficient in SEO, web design, capable of creating unique content on the fly, social media, blog management, graphic and logo design plus more.

Our company has recently relocated our headquarters to Houston Texas in July of 2018, due to the 2017 #tubbsfire in Northern California.

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