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Spirit Filled Christian SEO Company

What does it mean to be a spirit filled christian SEO company you ask?

Great question, I had originally wrote this post about 10 years ago, thinking I would target christian business owners in the United States. With much success I reached number 1 and 2 in google for my target keyword at the time Christian SEO company. I was very new to website design and did not secure my website properly and was hacked multiple.

Fortunately, I got a phone call from a company called Espresso Moon LLC located in Houston Texas inquiring for SEO services. The owner of the company Doug reached out to my company, because he noticed we were ranking 1 and 2 for christian SEO company in google. His company was extremely helpful with removing the malware from my website and getting me back live again.

Over the course of about 5 years we continued to work off and on together remotely since we were living in santa rosa CA at the time. Then the Tubs wildfire happened and both of my parents homes were lost and the rental I was living at was just miles away from the wildfire devastation.

One year after the wildfires happened our land lords informed us we had to move and they were moving into the home. This would not of been such a big deal if the rental market was just and fair. We could not find any affordable housing in the area so we decided to move out across the country.

We had a friend reach out to us saying they had a house for us if we needed it. So we took a leap of faith and moved all of our stuff out to Louisiana. When we got to the house we were not able to move in due to a massive flee infestation. I found myself crying out to God asking for a miracle to find us our home. After much thought we decided it would be best to go back to Houston where we knew the espresso moon team.

We reached out to the Espresso Moon team and they helped us find the perfect location to plant our SEO company in Cypress Texas, about 30 mins north of downtown Houston area.

This journey was the most difficult moves of my life! Driving over 1800 miles with 4 kids and a cat in a mini van. Looking back at this experience, I have realized the obstacles I had faced were actually detours in the correct direction. I have finally found an environment with people that encourage and inspire me to grow personally, spiritually and in business.

If you feel like the wall are closing in and there is nothing but darkness surrounding, don’t give up!! Amazing things are just around the corner. Trust and believe in who you are.

God has always had my families back and will for you too!

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