Caleb Schallert

Hello, my name is Caleb Schallert

I am Co-Owner at Deerstone Development, originally from Santa Rosa, California. I am now living in Houston, Texas with my wife and 4 children. I have always been interested in web design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization for as long as I can remember.

So I decided to create Deerstone Development with a goal to help other business owners stand out from their competition and generate high CTR leads with affordable search engine optimization services using social media advertising.

While working in the advertising and marketing industry, I have witnessed a thinking process many potential clients have that truly kills creativity and cash flow in their business. It goes something like this…

They try running ads themselves without any sales process or automated lead funnel, hoping to get a ton of leads from social media.

They spend a couple hundred bucks for a bunch of impressions and 0 click-throughs. Then quickly decide, “this is not working!”

They say to themselves, “this works for other people’s business just not mine!”

So they decide to give up, afraid to waste any more money!

Sound familiar?

They are afraid to ask for help, or trust an SEO marketing agency, since they have limited funds and think they will never be able to afford their marketing services.

I am in no way saying I have all the answers to your marketing and advertising goals! I just understand some basic principles that can help optimize your click-through rate and reduces your overall lead cost.

Schedule a free consultation with me below to see how we will get you on the front page of Google and get more leads.

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