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Are you about to start a new business? Do you need help getting everything set up? Our Website, Design SEO Company, is passionate about helping companies grow and expand organically. Build a new website with on-page SEO initially to save a big headache in the long run. Buy the best domain and hosting plan for your business.

What Do I Need to Build a New Website?

Self Managed WordPress Websites Features Deerstone Development

You really only need two things to get started, a domain and a fast hosting plan! That’s it! However, if you are serious about getting your new website ranked on page 1 of Google, you need an SSL certificate as well!

We recommend building a website on WordPress because you have full control over every aspect. Own your business entirely and make edits to the files that help you with search engine optimization on the fly.

Fun Fact! One-third of the Internet is powered by WordPress.

What Is the Cost of a Website Design SEO Company?

A website’s overall costs depend on the size and type of website you are building. Costs can vary from $100.00 to over $100,000.00. Web Development builds the backend to accommodate custom website features you will need to operate your business online. Such as receiving payments online with an eCommerce website.

WordPress Design and Development Costs

Deerstone Development website design and development services can include the following critical components that set you up for success. On-page SEO, competitive research, image optimization, title/meta description, and content optimization.

If you don’t have website content, logo, or images, we will help create them for you.

WordPress Website Design SEO Company Services

Every human on this planet offers a unique and valuable perspective on life. Your website should reflect your personality! You are about to enter a highly competitive marketplace and it’s critical that you stand out in front of your competition.

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While designing your new WordPress website, we focus on site speed and functionality to support search engine optimization effectiveness. Let us take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on running your business and closing sales!

Don’t overpay for a WordPress website! Bring us a quote from another website design company and we will beat the price! As well as give you a special offer you won’t want to miss out on!

Affordable SEO Services That Deliver Results!

Search engine optimization is necessary to improve your website’s keyword ranking and organic traffic on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Deerstone Development SEO services will reduce your advertising costs, expand organic keyword rankings, improve organic search traffic, engage the target audience and create automated lead generation funnels to capture hot leads for your salesperson or team.

How long will it take to see results?

Ask us how you can get 2 months of free SEO service!

Ready to invest in your business and take out the Online competition?

There is a saying in life… “You get what you pay for!” Getting ranked on the front page of Google for a highly competitive keyword is no small task! It takes time, extensive planning, competitive research, clear communication with the client, and an easy-to-understand strategy.

Once you get on page 1 of Google everything changes! With targeted organic traffic you will get more leads that are ready to buy from your business. It’s up to us to stand out from the competition and tell your unique story! Wouldn’t you like to lay off cold calling permanently? Let us show you how it feels to get hot leads contacting you every day!

WE APOLOGISE: Due to the amount of energy and time needed to reach page 1 on Google we can only accept 2 SEO clients per month. We must honor our first come, first serve policy.

Need Help With A PPC Advertising Campaign?

Let’s face it! Without leads, you have no business! We will identify your target audience and get targeted leads for your business by advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Are you tired of wasting money on ads that do not perform?

Let us fix or create a new ad for you free of charge and run it until you actually get hot leads!

If you don’t take action now your competitors will!

Caleb Schallert - SEO Website Design Company - Deerstone Development

Hello, My Name Is Caleb Schallert

I am Co-Owner at Deerstone Development, originally from Santa Rosa, California. I am now living in Houston, Texas with my wife and 4 children. I have always been interested in web design, internet marketing, and search engine optimization for as long as I can remember.

So I decided to create Deerstone Development with a goal to help other business owners stand out from their competition and generate high CTR leads with affordable search engine optimization services using social media advertising.

While working in the advertising and marketing industry, I have witnessed a thinking process many potential clients have that truly kills creativity and cash flow in their business. It goes something like this…

They try running ads themselves without any sales process or automated lead funnel, hoping to get a ton of leads from social media.

They spend a couple of hundred bucks for a bunch of impressions and 0 click-throughs. Then quickly decide, “this is not working!”

They say to themselves, “this works for other people’s business just not mine!”

So they decide to give up, afraid to waste any more money!

Sound familiar?

They are afraid to ask for help or trust an SEO marketing agency since they have limited funds and think they will never be able to afford their marketing services.

I am in no way saying I have all the answers to your marketing and advertising goals! I just understand some basic principles that can help optimize your click-through rate and reduces your overall lead cost.

Schedule a free consultation with me below to see how we will get you on the front page of Google and get more leads.

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